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Pope Francis vs. Some of his Cardinals on Gay Issues

(Dr. Stuart Edser’s measured summary) (Check Search on this website for more of Dr. Edser’s excellent material) So, at the end of the Synod of Bishops in Rome, where exactly are we? The paragraph on gay people did not get through with a two thirds majority with the more pastoral language that welcomes gays and […]

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Best/key articles on this website (plus other personal stuff)

Hi friends,  (Updated May 2014)              [1] CANCER SCARE: My wife – of 54 wonderful years – Jan has suffered a couple of serious health issues in the last 12 months (mainly Pulmonary Embolism, and an aggressive form of Uterine Cancer + a few other medical issues).   See here for updates.  (Rev.) […]

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Welcome to John Mark Ministries

JOHN MARK MINISTRIES is a counseling, consulting, preaching, mentoring, seminar and writing ministry, especially for pastors, ex-pastors, church leaders and their spouses. Named after John Mark, the young first century apostle who 'bombed out' of ministry when it was hard, we try to help/encourage pastoral leaders - and others - who are also 'in transition' due to stress and burnout.
(Rev. Dr.) Rowland Croucher