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Theonomy, Autonomy, and Pneumonomy

By Thomas Scarborough The term theonomy, from theos (god) and nomos (law), although it has more recently been associated with Christian Reconstructionism, is in its broader meaning the belief that ‘revelation, rather than reason, is the central locus for ethical guidance’. The term autonomy, from auto (self) and nomos (law), is the belief ‘that moral […]

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Best/key articles on this website (plus other personal stuff)

Shalom! Rowland Croucher THIS WEBSITE experienced a ‘makeover’ during 2010. Thanks to Lawrence Meckan (Absalom Media) for his excellent work. (And to Matt, Bradley, Dave, Martin and others who helped with earlier versions). To find your way around use the Google Search facility at the top of this page, or go to Google with your […]

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Welcome to John Mark Ministries

JOHN MARK MINISTRIES is a counseling, consulting, preaching, mentoring, seminar and writing ministry, especially for pastors, ex-pastors, church leaders and their spouses. Named after John Mark, the young first century apostle who 'bombed out' of ministry when it was hard, we try to help/encourage pastoral leaders - and others - who are also 'in transition' due to stress and burnout.
(Rev. Dr.) Rowland Croucher