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J. Grant Swank, Jr.


By J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Dec 4, 2003, 02:01

…in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, Islamic killers once again slew Christians while in a prayer meeting. The Muslims barged into the church, shot at random, and left the slain lying in blood on the church floor. Family members and fellow believers were left stunned.

International Christian Concern (http://www.persecution.org) reports the fine line detail.

Suffering Christians is daily occurrence in Poso. Killers may show up at any time of day or night. They breathe to murder. The Christians breathe to pray, interceding for their government, as they were doing when slain recently.

“The attacks are growing in frequency and intensity. A recent example is a Nov. 30th attack on a congregation in Tabamawo (about 70 miles east of Poso). Two men rode up to the church on motorcycles. Came to the church door and assassinated two men and wounded three others,” ICC reports.

“The Christians had been in a prayer service. They were praying for the Indonesian Government and for peace in the land when the terrorists broke in and started firing. Two men, Ruslam (32) and Arifin (28) died on the spot. They were shot several times each, in front of the congregation and their families, leaving their young wives and children in shock. Another man, Moda (37) was shot in the face and back is fighting for his life. Two others were wounded and survived, Sandra Tengker, the pastor’s wife and Yulmin (23).

“Another attack occurred just fifteen minutes earlier at 7.15 pm, 110 miles away to the west, on the other side of Poso, reports Ferdinand Saerang of Poso Watch. ‘Kilo Trans was attacked during evening prayers at the local church by 20 well-armed and well-trained gunmen shooting wildly into the houses,’ he said. Two men died, two others were wounded. There would have been more victims but the majority of the village was in Church praying.”


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