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Boreham Purchasing/Trading

Hi Boreham-lovers

STOP PRESS: October 2014: I am no longer trading in Borehams, but I do have some duplicate volumes of his books (no booklets at present) – [email protected]


This is what this page used to look like:

I’ll add a free photocopy (your choice) of any of the ‘Sunday at Home’ articles for each $50 you spend. But please remind me!

All prices U.S. dollars. (They vary according to rarity, condition, edition, dustjacket etc.) Most Boreham-collectors want these books for their content; a minority want to pay more for nicer copies. You can assume that our prices below reflect rarity and/or condition: and are generally less than most booksellers’. Feel free to email re specific needs.

To pay, simply use Paypal ([email protected]) plus your postal address, and you’ll generally receive your Borehams within 6-10 days if you specify airmail or economy air.

Purchasers take responsibility for any parcel lost in the mail, unless you ask us to insure it. (None have gone astray so far, except for one lot from a N.Z. bookshop to me!). Currency fluctuations mean either seller or purchaser benefits: we both accept this reality of modern finance!

If you have duplicate titles of books or booklets I’m happy to discuss some trading (normally two of yours for one of the same value from us). Email the titles you have and want…

Happy reading/collecting!

Rowland Croucher


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