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Howard Crago, Boreham’s biographer, wrote six-to-eight books himself. Anyone interested in his ‘Real Discipleship’ or ‘Spare a Minute’ (weekly columns in Melbourne’s Age newspaper)? Also, more Boreham-related material: ‘Bible Pinnacles’ by Ivor Powell (1952), with a foreward by Boreham, (each of these $12) and J.T.Hackett’s ‘My Commonplace Book’ (1921) – articles, poems etc. by great writers, including two by F.W. Boreham ($40). And the NZ friend of Boreham’s – Rita Snowden – who wrote just as many books as Boreham did, dedicated her book ‘Seven Days of the Week’ ‘to my friend Dr F W Boreham, A little towards a large debt’ (There’s a rumour she used some of Boreham’s material without acknowledgement! I don’t know if that’s true). This is a nice copy, with dustjacket: $15 anywhere?

Happy reading/collecting!

Rowland Croucher


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