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Son Of Church Of Satan Founder Preaches Jesus Christ

CHARISMA NEWS SERVICE Mon, Apr 29, 2002 Vol. 4 No. 42

A Daily News Update from the editors of Charisma magazine


LEAD STORY: by Ed Donnally

Jess LaVey speaks at churches on the dangers of dabbling in the occult

The son of a man who led many to Satan is now leading people to Jesus Christ. But it has been a long and violent road for Anthony LaVey, who has since changed his name to Jess LaVey to escape comparison to his late father, Anton LaVey, founder of the worldwide Church of Satan.

At 15, Anthony LaVey was putting his clothes into his truck and moving out of the house owned by his infamous father. “[He] grabbed me and threw me on the ground, yelling at me while he beat me with a whip,” the younger LaVey recalled. “All of a sudden his gun fell out of his pocket.

“I rolled over and picked it up and began shooting the tires out of his truck. I got up and ran to my truck and drove away leaving him yelling. I was covered in whip marks. My clothes were ripped, and I had blood all over me.”

The event was typical of LaVey’s chaotic, tortured and highly fragmented youth. Today at 33, he is the Rev. Jess LaVey of Yucaipa, Calif., where he does as much ministry as his health allows.

Though he said the Holy Spirit has brought amazing victory into his life, he added that he still bears the emotional and physical scars of prolonged ritualistic abuse while in his father’s care. He claims that when he was 11 or 12, his father beat him with a crowbar and then castrated him.

“He was real angry because he couldn’t get me to do what he wanted,” LaVey said. His father wanted him eventually to lead the Church of Satan. A pop icon of the 1960s and 1970s, Anton LaVey had churches in San Francisco and Hollywood, Calif., with membership reported at 50,000.

On Black Sabbath, April 30, 1966, he declared the arrival of the Age of Satan. Two years later on Christmas Eve, inside the satanists’ mother church in Easter Berlin, Jess was born.

Though he spent much of his early life in boarding schools, LaVey said his father insisted in picking him up and bringing him home for visits. There, his father repeatedly raped him and forced him to attend rituals. “[He] was a bizarre, sick man,” he said.

Rebelling at 10, he sent away for a Bible correspondence course. He once used a glow pen to write “Jesus Saves” on the walls of a room reserved for rituals. At 14, he made contact with a Vineyard church in Oceanside, Calif., where he received deliverance from demonic forces. “I felt like a big mountain had been lifted off me, and I was totally drained,” he said. “But there was peace.”

LaVey later graduated from a small Indian Bible college in rural Hemet, Calif., and founded Sword of the Spirit Ministries. He has been a frequent guest on Christian radio shows and in churches, speaking on the dangers of dabbling in the occult. He refused to attend his father’s funeral in 1997. Today he keeps photos of his father in a shed behind his mobile home because he doesn’t want demonic influences in his house.

Note (16th October 2002). This communication has been received by email, adding an important corrective to this article. Does anyone else have any information about this? Rowland.

> This article claims that a person calling himself “Jess LaVey” is
> the son of the late Church of Satan founder, Anton LaVey. In truth,
> Anton LaVey had only three children: Karla LaVey (by his ex-wife,
> Carole), Zeena (by his ex-wife, Diane), and his only son, Xerxes LaVey,
> who is not yet an adult (born of the Church of Satan’s Magistra Templi
> Rex, Blanche Barton). Anton LaVey never had any other children–just the
> two daughters and young son I mention here. “Jess LaVey”, or “Anthony
> LaVey” (as he claims his name was) is not related to Anton Szandor LaVey
> and never was. His story is a slanderous lie and needs to be retracted.

> There have been numerous biographies of Anton LaVey’s life: Satanis
> (VHS), Speak of the Devil (VHS), The Church of Satan (paperback, by
> Blanche Barton), The Secret Life of a Satanist (paperback, by Blanche
> Barton), The Devil’s Avenger (paperback, by Burton H. Wolfe), Satan
> Wants You (paperback, by Arthur Lyons). Anton LaVey was a child
> advocate, not a molester/rapist, as your website’s article suggests. In
> fact, Satanism in general regards children as sacred and to be
> protected, not hurt or used in such horrendous ways.


You ask does anyone know about the attempted discreditting of Rev Jess Lavey.

As a director of the ministerial organisation that ordains Jess I do have this information that validates Jess , whom I have known for several years.

He is ordained with us and serves the Lord Jesus Christ well in his ministry.

I have a web site authenticating his claims, which he does not wish to justify himself. Should you want this information i will send you the site address.

Yours in Christ,



And another communication (17/7/2009):


Formally a member of the COS, I have been a Christian since 2001. I wanted to let you know that your article, Son Of Church Of Satan Founder Preaches Jesus Christ, is inaccurate.

I was brought up in the COS, as my parents were both members and consorts of Anton “Tony” LaVey. He never had a son named Jess. He had one son and two daughters, Karla born in the 50s, Zeena born in the 60s and Xerxes born in the 90s. Birth records all prove this.

Jess’ description of LaVey treatment of children is very inaccurate, he wrote and taught in his church that children should never be harmed under any circumstances, and animals should only be harmed in self-defense.  Anton Lavey was a sinner in many ways, but not in the ways described by Jess. I am not defending LaVey, I am defending the truth.

<>Jess is either wanting attention or he is mentally ill and suffering from delusions. I will pray for him and hope he will feel conviction of the Holy Spirit and tell you the truth. If he is still around, sit him down and pray with him and ask him to reveal the truth. I am sure you don’t want to use lies to promote your church.

<>There are many former Satanists who are now Christians, you don’t need to look far to find the real thing.



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  1. To the 17/7/2009 “commenter”: You are nothing but a DISINFORMATION AGENT…as I think poor Jess has been through enough. May God have mercy on your soul!!

    Posted by angelique dubois | September 3, 2016, 8:15 am
  2. I am a Monarched. I desired death and couldn’t commit suicide. Someone is holding the body. The son of Anton Levay kept holding the body. I didn’t do drugs or drink alcohol. I eneded up loosing my Salvation in Jesus Christ. Grief and stress was caused to the heart repeatedly everyday and it either died or it is deformed. The face was used and the conscienceness would be blocked when I would come to conscienceness. People would use the spirit to control the body. I could have sex like a man and it was taken from me the soul was taken. What is going to happen to me? THE BODY IS BEING HELD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Tracy Thompson | June 13, 2016, 11:42 am
  3. This is lame because it’s all fiction and you’re selling it as fact.

    People like you should have charges brought on you. You’re misrepresenting Christianity and other things which is pathetic.

    This is why free speech is dangerous.

    Posted by Lalatalia | November 20, 2010, 1:34 pm