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Christian Names For the Days of the Week

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Dear brothers and sisters

It has come to my attention that fellow Christians are following worldly lusts and the flesh by calling the days of the week after pagan gods. I quote:

Sunday – sun worship

Monday – moon worship

Tuesday – Twi – Anglo saxon god of wat

Wednesday – Woden – Norse God of thunder and peasnats

Friday – Frigg – wife of Woden and mother of Thor

Saturday – Saturn – Roman god of the harvest

As a result I have fasted slowly seeking the will of God on this important matter. As the anointing fell on me I discerned a better spritual way forward that will reap a harvest of soles for the Lord in

our daily witless. Please help spred the Werd by using the following:

Christian Names For Days of the Week

Sunday – Sonday (named after Jesus)

Monday – Tithe-your-money-day

Tuesday – Choose-Jesus-day

Wednesday – When-saved-day

Thursday – Thirst-for-the-Word-day

Friday – Fry-in- Hell-day

Saturday – Shut-up-heathen-day


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