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13 May 2004 Update From HCJB World Radio

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CHRISTIANS/MUSLIMS KILLED AS RELIGIOUS VIOLENCE SPREADS IN NIGERIA Religious war is spiraling out of control in northern Nigeria. Ongoing violence in southern Plateau state flared up once again recently, culminating in an attack on the town of Yelwa by Christian and Animist youths on May 2. Six hundred Muslims are estimated to have died. The youths are said to have launched the attack in order to put an end to constant Muslim attacks on their communities. Far from resolving issues in Plateau State, the attack on Yelwa could instead unleash a religious bloodbath. Retaliatory violence against Christians in Kano, a majority Muslim state, occurred on May 11. Thousands of angry Muslim demonstrators rampaged through the streets of Kano, attacking local Christians and killing 11. Rioters blocked roads and dragged Christians out of their vehicles. Homes, cars, Christian-owned businesses and churches were burned. Schools and businesses closed and thousands of Christians fled to a police academy seeking safety. Information from the Christian Association of Nigeria’s Kano Chapter and other sources inside Nigeria are confirming that at least 600 Christians have been killed during violence in several communities.

In an indication of the deep animosity unleashed by the Yelwa attack, CNN reported that Umar Ibrahim Kabo, the most senior Muslim cleric in Kano, had described the attacks as being part of “a calculated global Western war against Muslims, just like Afghanistan and Iraq.” Ominously, Kabo went on to give Nigerian president Obasanjo a seven-day ultimatum to apprehend those responsible for Yelwa “or be blamed for whatever happens afterwards.” Sources on the ground have also confirmed that letters have been circulated in Bauchi State ordering all Christians to leave the area before Friday (tomorrow). (Christian Solidarity Worldwide/Barnabas Fund/CNN)

* HCJB World Radio, together with partners In Touch Ministries, SIM and the Evangelical Church of West Africa, began airing weekly half-hour programs to Nigeria in the Igbo language in 2000. In 2003 weekly broadcasts were added in two additional languages, Yoruba and Hausa.

PASTOR GUNNED DOWN WHILE EVANGELIZING WORK IN SOMALIA Pastor Shueb Maalim Madkheyr was killed and his body burned beyond recognition April 25 in the Dinsor district of southern Somalia, according to reports received this week. Pastor Madkheyr had been going into villages in the area since mid-April, seeking to plant underground churches and sharing the gospel with teenagers. Word began to spread that he was teaching the Bible to children. On April 25, Madkheyr was confronted by two armed men and accused of poisoning the minds of young teenagers. According to witnesses, a heated discussion on religion ensued and one of the armed men shot and killed him. Pastor Madkheyr was married to Dhaba Dimbile and had five children between the ages of eight months and thirteen years. He was actively involved with the Kenyan office of World in Need, using his relief work as a way to spread the gospel. (Voice of the Martyrs)

HUNDREDS AFFECTED BY DEVASTATING FLOODS IN COSTA RICA The Costa Rican government has declared a red alert in northern Costa Rica, after days of heavy rainfall left around 1,800 people without shelter and at least one person dead in severe flooding. The Red Cross is supervising 22 centers in the most affected areas, providing shelter for those who need it. “The situation is serious. This emergency is having a direct impact on one of the poorest populations in the Caribbean province,” said Dehuel Pérez, World Vision Costa Rica Operations Director. World Vision Costa Rica is coordinating with the Red Cross to transport gifts-in-kind to the affected areas, specifically to three cantons of the province of Limón. Pérez explained that in the Caribbean it rains for around eight months of the year. As the ground saturates easily, heavy rainfall can often lead to flooding. World Vision staff are gathering shirts, children’s shoes, and antibacterial soap for those affected by the flooding. (World Vision International)

DEFENDING TEN COMMANDMENTS MONUMENT COSTLY FOR U.S. CITY The legal bills for one U.S. city are mounting in a dispute over a Ten Commandments monument. To date, the city of Everett, WA, has paid more than $70,000 to defend itself against a lawsuit challenging a Decalogue monolith on city property. City officials estimate the total legal costs could top $100,000 before the battle is over. Americans United for Separation of Church and State sued the city, claiming that the Ten Commandments monument on city property violated the alleged constitutional separation of church and state. However, city leaders argue that the display is nothing more than a historic landmark that promotes universal legal principles and values — not a particular religion. The Everett Eagles donated the monument to the city in 1959. (Agape Press)

BAPTISTS PREPARE TO CELEBRATE 100th ANNIVERSARY Baptists from around the world are getting ready for the 100th anniversary of the Baptist World Alliance this summer. Rick Warren, author of the book, “Purpose Driven Life,” and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter will speak at the Baptist World Centenary Congress beginning July 27th in Birmingham, England. The five-day event is expected to draw 15,000 people. The goal of the event is to remind attendees of the past in order to inspire them to renew their commitment to reaching the world for Christ in the new century. (Mission Network News)

RADIO HOPE EXPANDS COVERAGE AND MINISTRIES IN ECUADOR Radio Hope is now broadcasting on the FM band in Ecuador, thanks to the recent purchase of Radio Fantasia. This purchase is the fulfillment of many months of dreaming, praying and working. “Much of the Loja Province can now hear our programs,” writes Matthias Kabelka, Radio Project Manager, “and we see the potential to expand even further.” Formerly broadcasting on AM, the radio staff had struggled with limited coverage and extremely high energy costs. Beginning in June, theological instruction will be offered on Radio Hope through the cooperation of HCJB in Quito, Ecuador, a local theological seminary, and SIM. The radio-based studies will offer an academic title to those who complete the courses. (SIM News) * * * * * * * * * * * * * James A. Ferrier HCJB World Radio U.S. Ministries Communications Director E-mail: Phone: 1-719-590-9800 Fax: 1-719-590-9801 Web: http://www.hcjb.org http://www.beyondthecall.org * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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