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Cute trick

Hi all, Try this for a cute trick… http://trunks.secondfoundation.org/files/psychic.swf How it works is actually very, very simple, but can you figure the trick? Have fun…


One response: Elementary mathematics, my dear Watson…


And another:

Right on

Take two digits x and y and juxtapose them to create a number xy. Now, x + y = z where x is unknown, while, by the rules of the trick 10x + y – z = w where w is also unknown. These two equations together imply that w = 9x

In other words, you will always get a multiple of 9, and if you check the table all of the multiples of 9 with a single digit give the same symbol. Of course, a different symbol appears each time you attempt the trick, but it still follows this pattern.


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