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Mercury poisoning (more)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

(Original article – http://jmm.org.au/articles/15706.htm )

There is still considerable on going debate concerning the safety of mercury amalgam dental fillings. Although mercury is known to be a very dangerous toxin, dentists and dental associations continue to defend its use primarily on the basis that many people with a mouth full of amalgams seem to be healthy. However, growing research shows a clear relationship between dental amalgams and the presence of mercury in body organs. It also links mercury fillings to autism and Alzheimer’s. So, are mercury fillings safe? In my mind there is no question about the issue; mercury amalgams are highly toxic and unquestionably damaging to human health. Let me tell you why.

For almost 37 years I was a very active, athletic, and vibrant person. Then in a relatively short period of time I developed numerous health problems. For me, the serious troubles started in September 1991, when I first experienced a stabbing pain on the right side of my abdominal cavity. Doctors did all sorts of tests but could find no cause. The stabbing gave way to general abdominal discomfort. A year and a half later, after continuing to work and push through the daily pain and related exhaustion, I had what was thought to be a nervous breakdown. Interestingly, the “breakdown” happened on the first day of an 8 week holiday! At any rate, I now had poor digestion and abdominal pain, tremours, muscle tension and soreness, fatigue, insomnia, facial tingling and tics, joint pain, unfounded anxiety and fear, recurrent viruses, heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, cold extremities, night sweats and more. The medical profession basically chalked it up to over-exertion, stress and an inability to cope. I was sure that my troubles were physical. They prescribed antidepressants and Valium.

In 2005, after 14 years of living in crisis-survival mode, a naturopath suggested I had mercury poisoning. I certainly had been given many mercury fillings throughout my lifetime, so I began to investigate the issue on the Internet and found that my symptoms were a perfect match for the symptoms of those who had been poisoned by mercury through industrial accidents. I also read the stories of countless people who had symptoms similar to mine and dental histories similar to mine. However, if mercury really was my problem, after 14 years of medical confusion and a lifetime of believing in the safety of amalgams, I wanted some proof. So I went to a doctor who does urine testing for mercury and other heavy metals. The test involves receiving a “chelating” drug intravenously; the drug “binds” to heavy metals. You provide one urine sample before the drug is injected and one sample afterwards. My first urine sample had a mercury level in the acceptable range. But the sample after the chelating drug showed an extremely high level of mercury. With only one mercury filling still in my mouth, the high level of mercury had to be due primarily to mercury stored in my body. It was now quite clear; my chronic, frustrating, debilitating health problems were the result of mercury in my body interfering with all manner of vital processes. What a discovery after so many years of confusion! And what a nightmare!

Having had no other known major contact with mercury other than dental fillings, I wanted to see my dental records and I wanted to get rid of that last bit of mercury from my mouth. I also wanted to learn how to detoxify mercury from my body.

As a child and as a young man I was given many dental fillings. In fact, by age 6 all eight of my “baby” molars had been filled. During my teen years and on into my early 30’s I had numerous mercury amalgams placed and then replaced (due to cracking). My more recent dental records told an even sadder story. Between May 1987 and February 1992 I had mercury removed or placed over 30 times! The daily fumes and leakage from those fillings undoubtedly taxed my detoxification capabilities. But the repeated heating and grinding of the fillings is probably what proved too much for me. No wonder I became so fatigued in the late 80’s and had so many viruses. No wonder I had that stabbing abdominal pain. (It began two days after a very large amalgam was placed in a molar.) And no wonder I had the “nervous breakdown”. Mercury has an affinity for fat, and our brains and nervous systems are full of fat!

In addition to detoxing the mercury from my body tissues, I also wanted to have my one remaining amalgam safely removed. A few years earlier I had heard of a dentist who spoke of the evils of mercury. He sounded very alarmist at the time. Now I wanted to talk with him. This dentist has years of experience removing and detoxing mercury. I won’t try to pass on all I’ve been learning. His website is http://www.ericdavisdental.com. He may be able to help you find a mercury free dentist near you. A couple of things I want to highlight are;

1.. Don’t get your amalgams removed except by someone who would never put them in in the first place. (Only a very few dentists have the proper equipment for safe removal.) 2.. It is probably best not to have your amalgams removed until you are on a proper diet. (A proper diet will enable you to cope better with the mercury released during the removal process.) 3.. Have your whole mouth checked for other sources of dental infection and poisoning such as metal crowns, root filled teeth and bone/gum troubles. (Certain other dental problems and materials increase the impact or release of mercury.) Before meeting the dentist and his toxicologist, I spoke about detoxification with my naturopath and with the doctor who had tested me for heavy metals. I also searched the Internet and read about numerous programs and products for removing mercury. Detoxifying mercury is not a simple nor an agreed upon process. Several of the Internet “cures” I tried only made my symptoms worse, including my feelings of anxiety and my trembling. What complicates matters is the impact which mercury has on so many of the body’s functions, including the detoxification of other toxins. In my case, further testing has shown that I have a significant problem with pesticides which also must be addressed. The vital thing is that you work with your own body’s well designed efforts to achieve health. So, if you think you may have mercury poisoning, please find someone with expertise and experience before launching in. And one other thing; some people have much less ability to excrete mercury than others. (This may be due to genetics, diet or some other factor.) As such, some people do not show significant levels of mercury in normal blood or urine tests, even though they may have a load of mercury in their body. In fact, some people don’t even show much mercury when doing the chelating drug test. They’re just not good at detoxifying it. So, if you have several of the symptoms noted above and suspect mercury poisoning, please see an expert. http://www.ericdavisdental.com

Let me be very candid about mercury detoxification. It can be horrific. The reality is that detoxification is retoxification. And the mercury which is mobilised from your tissues will affect your mind, mood and memory. During the many months I have been detoxifying mercury I have had many days of confusion, anger and tears. This is in addition to the ordinary stresses of poor health. So you will need to find emotional and mental support to be successful, especially if you have a large body burden of mercury. Thankfully I have an extremely understanding wife who continues to comfort me greatly especially when mercury causes emotional and mental imbalances. And, although she and our children have lost out on many things due to my illness, they still respect me even when I’m not at my best. In addition to my family I also have a few close confidants, a circle of compassionate supporters and many more loving people who show understanding and who accept my present weakness. May God bless you with such valuable support as you need it.

In closing this article I want to mention some thoughts which have been particularly helpful to me as a Christian, throughout this ordeal. And many times, especially when mercury has been “clouding” my brain, I’ve needed to remind myself of these things.

1.. If you are a Christian, you have an enemy who wants nothing more than to destroy your faith, rob you of your joy and peace, and to take away your witness to Jesus. He wants to make you feel cut off from Christ. (Ephesians 6.10-18) But he can’t separate you from Christ nor from God’s love. (Romans 8.31-39)

2.. Mercury poisoning is not punishment for your sin or the result of unbelief. You became ill due to the bad choices of others. Don’t let the devil heap guilt on you for being sick. It’s not your fault. (John 16.33)

3.. Although you are ill, Jesus must continue to be your focus. Don’t let being poisoned become an excuse for disobeying the Lord and not loving others. (1Peter 4,19; 5.6-11) On the other hand, don’t minimize your illness. It is a terrible thing and you will have to make allowances for it. Don’t be ashamed of your weakness or your tears. (2 Corinthians 12.7-10; Hebrews 5.7)

4.. Even though it’s not your fault, “endure [your] hardship as discipline.” (Hebrews 12.7) Don’t waste your suffering. (James 1.2-4) Let God work good in and through your life as a result of your difficulty. For “We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him.” (Romans 8.28) And remember, “Our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal weight of glory which far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.” (2 Corinthians 4.17,18)

5.. Don’t make the mistake of trying to force your way through resistance to get to God, or trying to exert your faith to make Him heal you. You will only become discouraged or despairing, and you will dishonour God. You will need to pray through your confusion to gain God’s perspective, but healing and peace do not come by spiritual grunting and groaning. “Faith is an attitude of will which says, ‘Whether I feel that God is there or not, whether I feel he will heed me or not, his Word tells me he hears and answers and I am going to count on that’.” (John White)

6.. Instead of thrashing about, practice receiving God’s comfort. “The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” (Psalm 34.18) He “comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.” (2 Corinthians 1.4)

7.. Lastly, “The Son of God suffered unto the death, not so that men might not suffer, but that their suffering might be like his.” (George MacDonald) Therefore, “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” (Hebrews 12.2)

I’d love to hear from you, and can be contacted by email; mike (at) graceandtruth.com.au or microsim (at) optushome.com.au.

Yours in the mercy of Jesus,

Mike Simms.




October 2006

Hello. Please have a look at the incredible news below from the US Food and Drug Administration re. the use of mercury in dentistry! And see some of the blogs below too. Or you can go directly to the site where more blogs are being posted.

What a wonderful step forward towards the elimination of dental mercury and hopefully other forms of mercury such as infant immunisations! Please pray that the authorities in the US and in your own country will follow through with this completely. And please pray for me and other victims of mercury poisoning (which may include you without knowing it) to get the advice they need to safely and effectively detoxify their bodies.

If you need health advice about toxicology have a look at www.ericdavisdental.com in Australia.

Thanks, Mike.

—– Original Message —–

Huffington Post – Rep. Diane Watson-Beginning of the End of Dental Mercury



This is a chance to get further national coverage.  This was posted late yesterday and already has 18 comments.  You will recognize some of the names of commenters. We need more!!!!


      Rep. Diane Watson

10.24.2006 at 03:16pm
The Beginning of the End of Mercury in Dentistry
In a remarkable reversal of policy and precedent, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last month rejected its own staff report that concluded mercury amalgam fillings used by millions of Americans are safe. The panel of FDA advisors said the report did not objectively and clearly present all current data about the fillings.

Members of the advisory panel – consisting of medical doctors, dentists, and health professionals – repeatedly questioned the impact of dental mercury on children and the fetuses of pregnant women. They also said that more study is needed on the health effects of vapors that are emitted from mercury fillings.

Dental amalgam, deceptively called silver fillings, is a remnant of 19th Century medicine. Today more than 100 million Americans have mercury/silver fillings. But the vast majority, according to a 2006 Zogby poll, is not aware that silver fillings consist of 50% mercury, one of the most toxic substances known to man.

The FDA has already taken numerous steps to limit human and animal exposure to mercury. To date, it has banned mercury in disinfectants and thermometers, warned against mercury in certain foods, and prohibited the presence of mercury in all veterinary products.

Many governments around the world, however, have gone a step further by either limiting the use of or banning mercury fillings. The UK, for example, prohibits pregnant and lactating women from receiving amalgam fillings, and Scandinavian countries are phasing out the product. Canada has also restricted its use.

Despite growing scientific evidence and public awareness of the dangers of exposure to even small amounts of mercury, the FDA, the federal agency charged with regulating dental amalgam, still permits the sale of a dental product that has not been proven safe and classified as the law requires and is used inches from the brain. It continues to sanction commerce in silver fillings without disclosing to the American people that they contain a significant amount of mercury and emit mercury vapor during the entire life of the filling.

The FDA’s past silence on mercury amalgam is all the more curious given the fact that both the Centers for Disease Control, in 2005, identified amalgam as a source of “major exposure” to mercury, and the U.S. Public Health Service warned, in 1999, that mercury amalgam is one of the two greatest sources of mercury exposure to humans.

Dental amalgam is also a major environmental pollutant once it is removed from the mouth to such a degree that dental offices are the number one source of mercury in waste water. The FDA, however, has never written an environmental impact statement on dental amalgam as it is required to do by law. The environmental damage caused by the disposal of mercury amalgams makes no sense when alternative materials are now available for every kind of dental cavity.

The FDA’s historic decision to reject its own staff report signals the beginning of the end of mercury amalgam’s privileged sanctuary. It is a good first step. But more remains to be done.

The FDA must therefore move ahead post haste in the following four areas:
(1) Disclosure: The FDA must immediately take the simple step of requiring dentists to inform their patients that amalgam is 50% mercury, it constitutes exposure to a neuro-toxin, and alternative fillings are available. (2) Environmental Impact: The FDA has the legal duty to conduct an environmental impact study of dental amalgam, which it has never done, before properly classifying the material. (3) Proof of Safety: Manufacturers of amalgam should have the burden of proving its safety. To date, they have never sought nor been given pre-market approval for their product. The FDA must hold amalgam manufacturers accountable. (4) Children and Pregnant
Women: Ten years ago, Health Canada directed its dentists to cease placing mercury fillings in the teeth of children, pregnant women, and persons with kidney disease, mercury hypersensitivity, or braces. The FDA should implement a similar ban in the U.S.

Two short decades ago, health and public policy advocates embarked on a campaign to rid public areas of smokers and second-hand tobacco smoke. Today the U.S. is on the cutting-edge of educating and informing its citizens about the scourge of tobacco and eliminating tobacco smoke from public and common areas. A similar campaign is gathering momentum here and around the world to end the use of mercury amalgam. It is past time for the American dental profession to relinquish a practice that is as antiquated as it is dangerous.

Comments :
This is terrific news. I hope that this brave FDA decision will be generalized to the CDC and other agencies to to finally eliminate the mercury based preservative, thimerosal, from flu shots and all other immunizations recommended by public health authorities. A vaccine/autism link has long been theorized by many autism advocates and independent scientists. Mercury based thimerosal is one of several prime suspects that the CDC to date has aggressively resisted studying. If the FDA says it shouldn’t be put in our teeth, it surely shouldn’t be injected into our bodies, either.
By: Prairie on October 24, 2006 at 04:10pm
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>> I’m glad I think for myself.

I’d heard that mercury was in the silver Amalgams back in 1984. Even then, the FDA and the Dental association were saying it wasn’t an issue.

But, figuring that there were no safe limits of Mercury, and that as much as 25% of the Amalgam weight is missing when it is removed … how could it not be leaching into the body? I’ve been getting ceramic ever since, and have urged everyone I know to do the same.

In related news; Make sure there is no mercury in your immunization shots — it appears Eli Lilly has been using such a substance in the multi-immune shots. Now, you might think that you can just trust a big company and the FDA on this, who insist it has no adverse effects; but why then would Frist have tried 5 times to sneak a clause in government bills to protect Eli Lilly from prosecution?

It all comes down to autism, and the fact that before 1989, only one in 10,000 kids ever got autism. After this mercury substance was introduced, 1 in 166 kids got autism. Cynically, they didn’t taper off its use because that would show a direct link — so they’ve been slowly fazing it out,..
which will probably be shown as some wonder of modern medicine that we are winning the war on Autism. There have been some bogus studies funded to muddy the waters a bit, so you might have heard that the mercury-autism link was unfounded. It isn’t.

But this is the down-side of Fascism, even for the well-to-do. Companies have access to politicians and just bribe their way out of costly lawsuits.

Oh, and it was the Patriot Act II which finally saw the rider that absolves Eli Lilly from prosecution. Why anyone would think you could inject any sort of mercury substance into a kid makes no sense at all.
By: vitriolandangst on October 24, 2006 at 04:26pm
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As a biologic dentist and a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, I have seen first hand the improvemnet in patients that have their mercury fillings removed safely. Up to 15% of the population is either CPO4X or APOE4 positive with their DNA sequence. This means in real life that they can not produce or use the enzymes that the body requires to excrete mercury and other heavy metals. These are the patients that develop chronic immune system diseases that very few doctors are able and willing to diagnose and treat. Only those physicians trained in environmental medicine are successfully treating these folks and they ALL refer them to a biologic dentist to remove the mercury fillings first. Over 66% of the body burden of mercury comes from the dental amalgams and the only way to adequately chelate them afterwards is to get rid of this metal toxin in the teeth. I have seen everything from skin rashes to migrane headaches, chronic fatigue, lupus, memory loss, adult ADD and others with significant improvement after the fillings are removed. It is time for the public to finally demand that our healthcare system face this problem honestly and not allow the big PHARMA and dental companies to dictate the use of mercury in fillings. Every can of mercury fillings sold to every dentist with the ADA seal of approval on it has a royalty check sent directly back to the ADA as a share in the profits. How can they then be objective about its safety? Thanks for disseminating this information and getting it out to the public. Please go to www.iaomt.org for more information. Dr. Matthew Young DDS
By: MatthewYoungDDS on October 24, 2006 at 05:26pm
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Mercury is a proven toxin and must be handled as a toxic substance before it becomes mixed as dental amalgam.

The remaining amalgam that is not placed in a tooth must be disposed of as hazardous waste.

So at what point in time does the ADA and FDA think that mercury becomes safe to put into a human mouth?

Perhaps the reason why the FDA has dragged their feet taking a stand against amalgam is that there isn’t enough money to pay for the class-action lawsuits when dental amalgam is “legally” identified as a toxic substance.
By: marksasmith on October 24, 2006 at 05:34pm
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The EPA recently estimated that there were over 1000 tons of mercury in US citizens mouths in the form of mercury amalgams. Each year many of these are replaced (estimated 50 to 70 million fillings) which can cause much of this mercury to end up in the wastewater as stated in the article. A simple device like an ISO 11143 tested amalgam separator can eliminate from 95% to 99% of this mercury before it enters the sewer. This equipment is only mandated in the Northeast states, Washington State, and a few communities across the country. Dentists in non-regulated areas seldom install this simple device on a voluntary basis.

It is well past time that the tens of tons of mercury discharged annually by dentists is required to be removed before it poisons our farms or rivers. It should be required that this mercury waste be captured and not continued to be allowed down the drain to our Publically Owned Treatment Works.
By: amalgamsep on October 24, 2006 at 05:36pm
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How can we know the truth about whether mercury is safe for dental fillings?

The rejection of an FDA staff report is just one datapoint (and one vested interest) among many.

I’d like to see some real science done on this. Not third tier “political science”. What *is* the scientific evidence on amalgam fillings?

Please hurry, I have a mouth full of these fillings.
By: StanAccrington on October 24, 2006 at 05:40pm
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Not only that, but I’ve also heard that there are large quantities of hydrogen in our drinking water. Hydrogen is widely thought to have been responsible for turning the Hindenburg into a massive fireball. Do you really want that flowing in through your taps EVERY DAY???

When will our leaders do something to protect us?
By: sahd on October 24, 2006 at 05:46pm
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i am a dentist. i graduated dental school in 1979 and used mercury in amalgam restorations for many years to fix back teeth as the cheapest, fastest, most durable material we had.

that day is almost past. we have materials that pretty much do everything that silver fillings could do, and at somewhat similar cost. as karl leinfelder predicted over ten years ago, the environmental and public health issues would probably be the last nail in mercury/silver amalgam’s coffin.

the boomers wouldn’t have teeth at all without the historical access to that material as all we had in its place was crowns or pliers…

there still is a potential gap in durability, ease of placement and cost of the newer materials. and for years to come we will have to deal with the fallout of the material–its in many mouths, to be removed as teeth need fixing and as ww2 generation and boomers pass on.
By: davedave on October 24, 2006 at 06:01pm
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I too was a speaker at the FDA meeting, and couldn’t agree more with Rep.
Watson’s comments. For more about what happened at the meeting, log onto my mercury links page at http://www.cent4dent.com/html/mercury_issues/links.html

Be sure to check out my blog, and my speech linked on the upper right side of the page.

Steve Markus DMD
Haddon Heights, NJ
By: DrMarkus on October 24, 2006 at 06:19pm
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KUDOS to Congreswoman Watson for being such a champion on this issue. The notion of placing such a potent neurotoxin into people’s teeth without requiring their consent or requiring that an individual be tested for sensitivity is dismissive of doing no harm. How many times has your dentist asked what your tolerance is for mercury? Moreover, has your physician ever asked about your dental history or tested you for mercury burden? Mercury is passed through the urine and feces of individuals with dental amalgam to waste treatment facilites, where it then reaches water sources and sludge that is often used in fertilizers. Does mercury really belong in our heads?
By: dehalvemaen on October 24, 2006 at 06:24pm
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Kudos to Congresswoman Watson for her leadership on this very important and often overlooked issue.
Does the FDA and ADA really believe that it is a good idea to place one of the most potent neurotoxins on the planet into people’s teeth ? The fact that this is done without informed consent might be considered dismssive of doing no harm.
When is the last time that a dentist tested you for sensitivity to mercury before filling your teeth? Moreover, has your physician ever asked about your oral history or tested you for mercury burden? The fact that the distinguished advisory panel found gaps of data on important issues like exposure to a fetus, when it is known that mercury crosses the placental barrier; should be a clarion wake-up call to every ob/gyn and expectant mother who is advised that dental work during pregnancy is, according to the FDA and ADA safe.
Mercury passes through the urine and feces of individuals with dental amalgam (50% mercury)that goes through waste treatment facilities, most of which do not remove mercury and gets into water sources and sludge used in fertilizers.
Does it really make sense to put mercury into our teeth?
By: dehalvemaen on October 24, 2006 at 06:42pm
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This would be the end to one of the most horrendous medical deceitful frauds ever perpetrated on the human race. I have lived through the horrors of having deadly mercury planted in the marrow of my teeth, and the glory of return to health upon removal.
By: Pinetopper on October 24, 2006 at 07:14pm
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I’ve worked in Dentistry for 18 years. For just about that long I’ve been saying that it will take an act of Congress to put an end to the use of this highly toxic substance. I’m absolutely appalled at the fact that the american public has been flat out lied to for decades by the ADA, FDA and the (not surprising) Pharmaceutical companies. It’s about time this issue was brought out into the open so that people can begin to understand the dangers of this highly toxic metal. Thank goodness for the efforts of the IAOMT (Internationa Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology)and other such organizations spearheading the efforts to educate the public and bring the truth about Mercury fillings and Thimerosol (a mercury based preservative used in vaccines) to the public. Finally, a sane voice…
By: KRP on October 24, 2006 at 07:40pm
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A facetious comment posted here warns of hydrogen in our faucets. This is but another example of the misinformation that proliferates concerning the use of mercury in dentistry. Most chemists would agree that hydrogen forms a covalent bond with oxygen to form a water molecule. Mercury does not form such a chemical bond with the other constituents of dental amalgam.
Seventeen separate published studies have assessed the extent to which dental patients are exposed to mercury contained in mercury fillings. These studies were recently summarized in the following paper: Richardson, G.M., Inhalation of Mercury-Contaminated Particulate Matter by Dentists: An Overlooked Occupational Risk, Human and Ecological Risk Assessment,
9:1519-1531 (2003). While the authors of these studies disagree about the precise quantity of mercury that is absorbed from amalgam fillings, they each agree that these fillings are a source of elemental mercury exposure.
None of these authors claim that patients are exposed to some inert mercury
compound– the exposure is to elemental mercury. These well-documented scientific facts have not deterred misinformed dentists from recirculating falsehoods about mercury’s chemical properties. If mercury exposure is confirmed as an etiology for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, an hypothesis gaining increased scientific support, the Hindenburg catastrophe may someday look tame by comparison.
By: titushillis on October 24, 2006 at 07:54pm
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There will be a temptation to turn to dental trade associations to determine the “truth” of the mercury filling dispute. After all, they are the experts aren’t they?

No they are not! Nor should we expect them to be.

Consider this. Lead-based paint no longer is manufactured because of the major neurological problems that lead causes when ingested by children. But the painters or the paint manufacturers didn’t raise the red flag and say, “We have to stop this. We are poisoning kids.” Of-course not. Painters have no training in nuerology, chemistry, or toxicology, so they did not have the knowledge to raise the alarm. Likewise, plumbers didn’t raise their hand and say that they should stop using lead water pipes. Again, they had no training that alerted them to the problem.

The same applies to mercury-using dentists and their mentors in the dental trade associations. The best dental materials experts in the world don’t know squat about neurology, chemistry, or toxicology. Nor should we expect them to know anything about those and related disciplines. That is not what they do. Dentists cannot solve this problem. They just don’t have the knowledge.

Instead we should look at the science, as published in many peer reviewed scientific journals. The evidence is overwhelming that mercury has no business being placed into the human body in any way, shape, or form.

The review panel members who rejected the FDA’s whitepaper whitewash on this subject performed a major service for the American people. They deserve our profuse thanks.
By: JohnRowe on October 24, 2006 at 09:44pm
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It’s past time that the medical community woke up to this tragedy. The dental community is well aware but silent in fear of the ADA gag rule (yes, it exists, search it).

It was only through information I stumbled upon on the net that I realized I had 12 of 13 symptons listed and the 12 large amalgams, hot liquids and crunchy foods were the source of the mystery illness that took my career and a huge part of my life.

I was told by those with experience that the wrong tests would be run (urine tests are inacurate because mercury is retained, not excreeted) and it would not be taken serioulsy.

I went to Dr. S. K., a “best in the world” toxicologist in Boston who told me as soon as we met that not one person ever suffered from ill effects from dental amalgams. I should have left then.

I was going to the “best in the world” as an informed patient, it would be different for me. Ooops.. It wasn’t in her textbook. Hahahahaha. The joke was on me. I knew what tests to ask for but that didn’t matter. From improper testing to misread results: based on a general denial and lack of concern about the amalgam issue at a top medical institution.

I talked to several dentists who parroted the ADA party line and only spoke openly when I revealed I already knew and was being impacted. My dentist is sure his memory loss and family history of depression is due to his home office for 40 years. “Never in kids” said another who stopped years ago.

Many thanks to those working on this important issue. You are the ones who saved me. The medical community was more harm than help. It’s beyond time for a change.

If the medical community can’t think outside text books it’s time for the books to be updated. Thank God the FDA rubber stamp didn’t work on Sept 7th.

Autism is what we call mercury toxicity in our young. Alzheimer’s is what we call it in our old.
By: CapeCodJim on October 24, 2006 at 10:24pm
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At least I get the satisfaction of knowing that the son of a bitch that put the biggest Amalgam in my head went down in a plane crash a few years later.

All of my Amalgams (except one) I had drilled out real good and Gold on-lays put in over top of them. The bad taste went away and most of the smell. That was 1992.

The last one I just had drilled down and a ceramic crown put over it this year. That one was bent over and touching my gum. When he ground it down the gum next to the tooth was black from the silver/mercury leaching into my gum.

Next time you are in a dentist’s chair, in a doctor’s office, or listening to some so called “professional” feed you a story you don’t believe, stand up for yourself because you are probably right. Multiple degrees and a high income do not a smart person make. Stick up for yourself and make your own decisions. Your life depends on it.
By: guitarsandmore on October 25, 2006 at 12:21am
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As someone who is recovering from mercury toxicity due to dental amalgam, I am so pleased that Rep. Watson has continued to speak out on this issue. The denial of the severe toxicity of mercury in dental amalgam by the FDA, ADA, etc., is tragic; one true expert in mercury toxicity calls it what it is – criminal – and each day more and more people who are trusting those who are supposed to be watching out for their health are becoming ill with preventable diseases of “unknown etiology” and “no known cure” – what truly is sad is that the cause IS known and should be commonly known (dental patients should be given ALL the facts about the metals in dental materials and patients should be allowed to make an informed choice), and there is hope for a cure! My health is recovering, and I thank the Good Lord for that – but how many more people have to suffer before someone puts a stop to this?
By: banmercurynow on October 25, 2006 at 01:44am
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    A simple summary of D3 for joint pain: http://www.peoplespharmacy.com/2008/07/14/vitamin-d-vanqu/
    A site that has gathered and summarized all the PhD research about D3 and what a lack of and added amount of does: http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/
    – Don’t ignore the co-factors if you start taking D3. They offer a D3 supplement there with magnesium, zink, boron, k2, etc in the mix, and it is best to use that supplement than a bunch of others. 🙂

    To chelate naturally, avoid caffeinated foods, take a good amount of D3 (at least 3,000 iu daily + magnesium), eat an avacado at least once a week, and eat well with fruits, veg, and lean meats. You probably have learned all about what foods are healthy and what are not, but if you haven’t, you can look up curezone.org or almost any book about eating according to what the bible recommends. There are also excellent recipes for how to make manna/fasting/ezekiel bread. 🙂

    If you start taking D3, avoid supplements with over 400 mg of calcium in them. I did that and had hypercalcemia for a while. It’s very uncomfortable, and it blocks the function of magnesium in your body! Magnesium regulates cell walls, allowing nutrients and waste products to pass in and out of them. Calcium blocks up the function of magnesium at high concentrations- it is more important to get your calcium through your diet.

    Acacados contain taurine, one of the elements needed for your body to create it’s own glutathione, the body’s natural chelating element. D3 helps stimulate cells to produce glutathione, which is based off of sulfates (garlic and onion) and taurine. It’s much, much less expensive and more beneficial to eat a lean meat/veg/fruit/wholegrain diet than to buy chemically-produced glutathione, and there are much more benefits!

    Myself.. My type 1 diabetes started ten months after my first amalgam fillings, and two years later I developed a tumor in my left wrist. I am now a one-hand amputee and have had open-chest surgery to remove metastecised tissue- still, I have at least fourteen fillings. No wonder I had trouble trusting or understanding God! I put all my faith in Him. Please remember me in prayer for purification, healing and complete renewal. I am studying Joyce Meyer’s books on accepting oneself as Jesus sees us- loved, forgiven and made new each day in His image. I want freedom, peace and joy!

    Thank you for sharing so much on your blog,
    -Jeanette Hansen

    Posted by illys | March 11, 2011, 6:35 pm