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The Sy Rogers Story

[Note to readers of the John Mark Ministries website: as reiterated many times here, and emphasized in the Disclaimer on the frontpage, this site aims to inform Christians and others *from many perspectives* regarding sometimes complex issues. (Our Statement of Faith can be found here: http://jmm.org.au/articles/8057.htm) . The article below is written by one of the best-known Gay Christian leaders in Australia, and deserves to be read to help towards an informed stance on the issue of a Christian approach to homosexuality. I meet too many conservative-to- liberal folks who are ‘locked in’ to their own positions without adequately studying other viewpoints. Rowland Croucher, July 6 2009].

(An Anthony Venn-Brown Perspective)

Sy Rogers is a gifted communicator and has an amazing story of redemption and the grace of God. Our dialogue has been limited but has always been gracious and respectful. I


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