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R U Ok ?


Thursday October 7 is RU Ok? Day in Australia.

Aim: we ask family/friends if they’re OK, to help prevent little problems escalating into big ones.

(See http://www.ruokday.com.au/content/what-is-r-u-ok-day.aspx )

Now, here’s an interesting idea: maybe we could occasionally respond to someone – real or imaginary – asking “RU Ok?” and covenant to be supportive in an appropriate way if they share something.

A variant for Christians: ‘When I pray for you, what should I pray about?’

I’m happy to pledge some intercession for anyone who does that – send me an email if it’s real hard/bad for you at present.

Let’s remind ourselves that on any given day a small number of our colleagues/friends may be dangerously close to the suicide end of the depressive scale…

And if anyone has a minute to pray for me, I’d like special wisdom in dealing with some very tricky situations I’m engaged in with some pastors’/leaders’ and their spouses’ problems.


Shalom/Salaam/Pax! Rowland Croucher


Justice for Dawn Rowan – http://dawnrowansaga.blogspot.com/


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