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Why there are no suicide bombers on Israeli buses

In Seville, Spain, the City Council authorized the construction of a Mosque
on one of the empty pieces of land. The citizens did not want the mosque
built in their vicinity and found a brilliant solution. They buried a pig in
the land, and made the news public. The Islamic law prohibits the
construction of a mosque on lands desecrated by remains of pigs,
therefore the Muslims had to renounce the construction on this desecrated

Astute Sevillans


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  1. […] The Israelis finally got it. All they did was place or hang pork products in their shops and vehicles. That’s it. These are seventh-century savages, who are afraid of not going to meet Allah should they come in contact with a pig, and as such, will not blow themselves up if pork is present. […]

    Posted by How’s That “Religious Appeasement” Workin’ For Ya, Obama? «Coach is Right | May 5, 2011, 8:16 pm

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