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Barnabas The Encourager

Barnabas has long been one of my favorite Bible characters. If you
stop to think about it, though he didn’t write any of the books himself
(except for possibly Hebrews), he was indirectly responsible for most of
the new testament books.

We would have none of Paul’s letters had Barnabas not mentioned him
to the other believers and commended him as a missionary, as well as
partnering with him. That also means we would not have Luke’s Gospel or
the Acts. And had not Barnabas encouraged John Mark and partnered with
him, the gospel of Mark may never have been written. That leaves only
The gospels of Matthew and John, John’s Epistles, Peters Epistles, James
and Jude.

Now what if Barnabas had never been willing to be a deacon and free
up the apostles for teaching. Would John, Matthew and Peter have ever
had time to write their books? And who knows what part he played in the
lives of James and Jude. A little encouragement goes a long way!

Keep up the good work you do in the spirit of Barnabas!

Mark Marikos <>


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