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A Healing Prayer

“I want you to believe that the Great Father of creation is wanting to tell you what to do,

that He is yearning to speak to you personally, to tell you how to deal with your particular problem,

how to let go and allow the Great Father to come in and bring about a Divine adjustment.


If He were speaking to you (and I believe He is), if He were speaking to you as Jesus Christ might speak,

what do you think he would say to you?


Definitely and absolutely, He would ask you to reveal to Him what your problem really is,

what it amounts to, and then He would tell you that there can be no problem in the Spirit of the Father.


He would say, “Well, there’s your problem. Now give it to Me, and I will take it,

and I will deal with it for you and with you.


You just stand aside and watch me bring about this Divine adjustment. Trust me completely with it.


But he would say, “Now you have given it to me, it does not belong to you.


For you have surrendered it, you no longer believe in its power over you, nor possess it.


You are now believing that I am bringing all my power to bear in the midst of it to bring forth that which is perfect, for do you not know that I cannot bring forth anything that is not perfect?”

Bro Mandus  For those in Trouble, p9


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