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A Blessing for Carers

A friend sent this: quite encouraging for someone like myself at the moment, who’s caring for a wife battling cancer with the help of chemo/radiotherapy:

See here: Cancer: What Works and What’s Crazy,  for more…


Poem or blessing from John O’Donohue,  in your role as carer for Jan.
In this fragile frontier place, your kindness
Becomes the light that consoles the broken-hearted,
Awakens within desperate storms
That oasis of serenity that calls
The spirit to rise from beneath the weight of pain,
To create a new space in the person’s mind
Where they gain distance from their suffering
And begin to see the invitation
To integrate and transform it.
May you embrace the beauty in what you do
And how you stand like a secret angel
Between the bleak despair of illness
And the unquenchable fire of spirit
That can turn the darkest destiny towards dawn.
May you never doubt the gifts you bring,
Rather, learn from these frontiers
Wisdom for your own heart.
May you come to inherit
The blessings of your kindness
And never be without care and love
When winter enters your own life.
An excerpt from “For a Nurse”.


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