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From A Hamas Web Site

Hamas Chat: How To Murder Americans Internet surfers looking to discuss how to murder American citizens, need only to log on to the official Hamas terror gang website. The site’s chat room has recently hosted a discussion, in which participants have described how they would go about murdering Americans. Here are some excerpts from the discussion (courtesy of the IDF website):

Al-Awsad (user number 1): Once a week, a group of American “dogs” come near us on the sea front. I have been following them for a long time and am interested in your suggestions for ways to get rid of them secretly.

Salam (user number 2): If they arrive in a private car, put a large amount of sugar in the gas tank of the car. Then, you can ambush them on the way back because the car will get stuck in the way. You will have many options to get rid of them. You can run them over on the road, after they abandon the broken down car. You can put a trap on the beach if they tend do a lot of walking. If you have people with you and 4 cars, you can stop them at a certain point on the road, at a traffic light for example, block them from all directions and burn them in their cars using a Molotov cocktail.

MSKZ (user number 3): Read Koran verses on them and then kill them one by one, after you have made sure they are Israeli American tyrants.

Al- Awsad (user number 1): Thank you all very much, but I would like to get rid of them quietly. They have a cabin on the beach were they meet every week. It is very easy to get into; that is, the operation can be carried out using a poison gas or an electrical short circuit. Don’t forget that they have communications devices like cellular phones etc, and that there are between 5-10 Americans.

Habib Allah (user number 4): I believe that if you sneak in (the cabin) on days they are not there and spread an effective and quick poison that works on contact with places like door handles and telephones, or put poison in the food or on cups and plates, it would be very effective because it would kill them on the spot. You can search for a way to prepare the poison on the forum itself. But my advice to you is that you get to know the poison extremely well or get help from someone who is in a science or pharmaceutics faculty.

Al- Awsad (user number 1): This is an excellent way, but what are the strong poisonous materials that act quickly? Maybe I should put the poison in the water (tank) before they come?

Saafalaha (user number 5): Why be discrete? Let them serve as an example for others like them. Let the Americans understand that they are not safe in Muslim countries. Burning their car is excellent or you could shoot all of them. The country is filled with weapons.



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  1. I am a Native American. I am a “Christian” Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savor. I am a Vietnam army combat veteran and an expert with a rifle.

    I saw the cartoon for 4-25-2010 concerning the Israeli soldier and his father.

    I am offended as a combat soldier, a Christian and a Native American Warrior by such cowards; our women
    have more courage than these so called men of Hamas. The mem should wear a dress instead of pants.

    We Christians have turned our check for the last time.

    We Christians must do what ever it takes to defend all Christians Brother and Sisters especially in Muslim countries and the Gaza strip.

    You can run, but you will only get hot and sweaty; look into the sky an know our satilites are documenting all of your activities daily.

    Posted by JOEL K | April 26, 2010, 6:41 am