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Clifford Warne

courtesy Martin Johnson The Bible Society (NSW)

Clifford refers to himself as a licensed dealer in amusement, amazement and suspense. He is a master of storytelling, communication, entertainment, humour, illusion and puppetry, an author of children comics, storybooks and books on presentation and communication, he has directed TV programs ranging from documentaries on history and archaeology to children’s educational videos, he is also a qualified lecturer in communication. To give you a quick overview of Clifford’s work, below is listed some of his major achievements.

* Through radio, television, books and CD’s, Clifford serves satisfied clients in over 15 countries.

* In Australia, Clifford tells dramatic Bible Stories on Sydney radio for 103.2FM’s morning program.

* In the Channel Seven Television Hall of Fame, Clifford is listed as having produced TV programs on the 7 Network every week for 42 years!

* He has produced 1000’s of television shows, including dramas, musicals, documentaries, panel and children programs.

* Australian television audiences enjoy his documentaries on Biblical History and Archaeology videotaped in Israel, Italy and Egypt.

* In India, Reach for a Rainbow, the magazine-variety program he produced for kids and adults draws Indian TV audiences three times a week, in Ankhs, Tamil and Hindi.

* The Governor-General awarded Clifford the Order of Australia Medal for his services to religion in the media.

* He has written a variety of children’s books and comics. Children chuckle at the adventures of Pom Pom the Polar Bear Cub and Piffle the Puffin as they struggle against their enemies in the icy world of the Artic.

* He is the author of The Magic of Storytelling, The Art of Reading Aloud, The Drama of Jesus, So You Want to Tell Stories and Hold That Audience!

* Children read his stories, animal parables and Bible adventures in Norwegian, Dutch, Greek, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and many African languages.

* Clifford entertains clients and guests for companies such as Asia On Line, the Synergy International Group, Design Intoto and ASIAL with tricks, puzzles and illusions for special business occasions.

* McDonald’s Family Restaurants, Synergy International, Bible Society, Colleges and Private Schools engage Clifford to train their staff in communication.

* Clifford lectures on speech communication for Christian organisations around the world. In 2001, he lectured at George Whitfield College in Cape Town, South Africa

* Teachers and preachers from London to Hong Kong, Bangkok to Chicago, Toronto to Singapore, India to New Zealand and the Pacific Islands have enjoyed his entertaining presentations of how to hook and hold audiences with the Gospel.


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