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Vows Of Ordination

Mr James Castle shall say:

"Dr Reid, I present Pastor Roderick John Benson for ordination as a minister of
the Word."

Dr John Reid, representing the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT, shall say:

"Rod Benson, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the only Head of the church, we
meet together to ordain you as a minister of the Word by prayer and the laying on of

"In so doing we recognise and affirm your ordination by God; your Christian
character, calling, gifts, theological training and pastoral experience; your fulfilment
of all accreditation requirements of our family of churches; and your acceptance for
accreditation by the Annual Assembly of our Baptist family of Churches.

"So that your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and your desire to faithfully serve
him may be attested by all, I ask you these questions:

"Do you affirm your belief in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and do you
confess anew Jesus Christ as Lord?"

The ordinand shall answer: "I do."

"Do you believe you are truly called by God to the office and work of a minister
of the Word?"

The ordinand shall answer: "I do."

"As far as you understand your own heart, do you affirm that your true motives for
seeking ordination are a desire for the glory of God, love for the Lord Jesus Christ, and
a passion to serve and follow him?"

The ordinand shall answer: "I do."

"Do you accept the divine inspiration of the Scriptures of the Old and New
Testaments, and do you affirm their supreme authority in all matters of faith and

The ordinand shall answer: "I do."

"Will you diligently practise personal disciplines that guard your heart, nurture
your spiritual life, enrich your ministry, and model effective Christian

The ordinand shall answer: "With God’s help I will."

"Will you intentionally live in a manner worthy of your high calling, seeking
always to be a loving husband and father, and of good reputation, conducting yourself
wisely, graciously and with integrity toward others?"

The ordinand shall answer: "With God’s help I will."

"Will you faithfully pursue your ministry, seeking by the power of the Holy Spirit
to teach and preach from the Scriptures the whole counsel of God; lead the people of God
in worship; administer the gospel ordinances; shepherd those whom Christ places under your
care and equip them for their ministry; encourage Christian fellowship and unity; and
further the work of mission and evangelism?"

The ordinand shall answer: "With God’s help I will so pursue my

"May the One who has given you the will to do these things also give you the grace
to perform them, that the work which God has begun in you may be brought to fulfilment,
and bear fruit for his glory."

At this point the ordinand shall kneel, and the following people shall lay hands on
him: Mrs Michelle Benson, Mr James Castle, Mr Mark Collins, Mrs Val Foote, Ms Shannan
Gibb, Dr Gordon Moyes, Dr John Reid, and Mr John Williamson.

Prayer of Commendation

Dr Gordon Moyes shall pray:

"We praise you, eternal God, that in your infinite love and grace you gave us your
only Son Jesus Christ to be the Saviour of the world, the Shepherd of our souls, and the
Head of your church.

"We praise you because our Lord passed through death and ascended through the
heavens, and is now seated in majesty at your right hand.

"We praise you that he has poured forth his gifts abundantly, and has created
throughout the world a new and holy community for your possession, to participate in his
ministry, and to fulfil your gracious purposes.

"We thank you for calling Rod Benson, whom we ordain in your name, to be a
minister of the Word in the church and in the world. We pray that your Holy Spirit will
endow him with grace and power and wisdom to fulfil this high calling, so that your
kingdom may be established, your people strengthened, and your name be glorified for ever;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."

Presentation of Bible

Mr James Castle shall present to the ordinand on behalf of the church an Ordination
Bible, saying:

"Rod, receive this Bible as a gift from your people at Blakehurst Baptist Church,
and as a sign of the authority given you to teach and preach the Word of God. Read and
meditate on it often; keep the sacred trust committed to you as a minister of our Lord
Jesus Christ; and seek diligently to defend and proclaim the Trinitarian faith of the one
holy catholic and apostolic church."


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