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Ten Ways To Develop Your Christian Leadership Skills

10) Follow your passion.

9) Follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

8) Don’t be afraid to take risks.

7) Develop your network. SmartLeader’s know who to ask and aren’t afraid to ask. Develop a Rolodex of experts, resource people and network builders. Maintain close ties with your Rolodex relationships. Keep the doors open with people of all different skills and talents, as a leader you will never know when you might need their service.

6) Think. You most powerful tool as a leader is your mind. Develop your mind. Hang around people who think. Engage in activities that expand your mind. Follow your curiosity. Listen. Ask questions. Examine. A leader is always thinking. Here are a couple of ways you can develop your mind:

* Keep a journal of things you’ve learned (leadership lessons)

* Read the Sunday edition of The New York Times

* Read a scholarly journal that is “outside” your field

* Listen to books on tape (many video stores now rent audio books)

5) Find a mentor. A leader should be constantly learning from those “above” her. SmartLeaders know that it’s better to learn from someone else’s mistakes than to make them yourself. A good mentor will want to help you avoid her mistakes.

4) Practice solving problems. The number one characteristic most people, organizations and churches are looking for in a potential employee or leader is the ability to solve problems. SmartLeaders have the mind set that no problem is so large that it can’t be solved. SmartLeader’s are solution focused.

3) Seek ways to constantly develop your leadership skills. Look for seminars or conferences that will help you develop your skills, particularly in the big three areas: integrity, innovation, and intelligence. Hang around people who can help you develop your skills. Commit to being a lifelong learner.

2) Recognize that you are a leader, regardless of how big or small your circle of influence. Your own self-identity as a leader is extremely important. Only when you recognize your leadership ability can you begin to develop it.

1) Maintain your relationship with God. Your top priority as a SmartLeader is your relationship with God. The ultimate SmartLeader is Jesus Christ, God ‘s Son. We should strive to be more like Him.

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