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Business Praise 31. Growth – Manufacturing

We’re very proud of our factory people.

They are the life blood of our business.

And have won many awards for high standards of quality.

Customer service, environmental friendliness,

Self-managed work teams, quality of product.

Safety, the list goes on.

What is the product in your business, Lord?

And where is it made?

“You are the product, my son.

Remember the words of my servant Paul.

I am making you a new creation, the old is gone. [1]

I am working with you and on you.

Remember that I want you to be perfect, [2]

Not just quality.

Remember, I purchased you.

Next, I want to present you before the throne of grace

Without fault and with great joy. [3]

This is my commitment to you in my love.”

1.. 2 Corinthians 5 v 17. 2.. Matthew 5 v 48. 3.. Jude 1 v 24. Copyright Howard Smith 2002. All Rights reserved. For comments or responses, please contact


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