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Business Praise 32. Growth – Priorities

I seem to have a conflict of priorities.

I can’t be in two places at the same time.

Both appear to demand my presence

With cries of “lack of support” from their sponsors.

This doesn’t seem to be your problem, Lord.

Your divine omnipresence solves that easily,

But your humanity understands my position.

How do you want me to respond?

“My son, you need to see this through other eyes.

As a senior manager, you must offer strategic support,

Spend time with people one on one, like I did,

And listen to their real rather than perceived needs.”

You’re right, Lord.

Even my “conflict of priorities” is just perception.

Thank you for the example of talking “one on one”, [1,2]

As you did again just then.

1.. John 3 v 1 – 21. 2.. John 4 v 4 – 26. Copyright Howard Smith 2002. All Rights reserved. For comments or responses, please contact


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