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Business Praise 52. Personal – The Journey

I never started out as a business person, Lord. You know my story; you guided it.

University, clinical medicine, overseas fellowships,

Basic and clinical research,

And now, member of a senior business team.

My colleagues learned their business skills early

and have appropriate qualifications.

And now, they’ve shared with me their skills.

Many are evidenced in this set of prayers.

Lord, I give you my thanks and praise

That I found you, or rather, you found me,

before I set out on this journey.

I could never have predicted the route,

But it makes sense in hindsight.

And what’s the next stage, Lord?

I sense that it goes on and on.

“My son, I have much more for you to do.

Remember Moses. He didn’t start until he was 80! [1]

Hang in. Stay close.

You and I need each other”

Bless you Lord. I will.

1. Exodus 7 v 7.

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