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Howard Smith

Howard Smith is a physician trained in New Zealand. After research fellowships in New Zealand, USA and Scotland, he worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry for 20 years, first as a research scientist in the UK, and more recently as Medical Director of the Australian subsidiary of an overseas multinational company. He is now in practice as a consultant pharmaceutical physician. Howard values having been a member of a church family in five countries and the contributions that this has made to wider horizons of faith and fellowship. He is now a member and elder of the Bulleen Baptist Church, Victoria, Australia. However, one of the most powerful contributions to his walk with God occurred in March 1999. After a near fatal anaphylactic attack when his breathing stopped and his brain was damaged, he subsequently experienced total healing. This experience of our Lord, and the way that it has energised his practice of conversational prayer, is described in Chapter 2 of this book – Walking and Talking with God.


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