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‘Let no one who is not eager for truth and peace enter here’ (Plato)

Articles on this site express varying points of view, to encourage mature thinking on serious issues. The assumption is that you will want to study a controversial topic from various angles before you arrive at a conclusion, rather than simply believe what someone told you when you were impressionable! (So some stuff here is ‘hot’. Proceed at your own risk!). See the Statement of Faith for John Mark Ministries' theological stance.

 Running Up the White Flag: Surrender as the Way to Follow Jesus

   by Nils von Kalm  Text copyright © 2016 Nils von Kalm All Rights Reserved ( Note from Rowland: this looks good: check it out on http://amzn.to/1VVG93R } “Scriptures about dying to self, finding one’s life by losing it, being crucified with Christ, and living only for Christ make it clear that realizing true fulfillment depends […]

Ethical Culture in Corporations

Business values need to be consistent with society’s ethical expectations. The current buzzword in the financial services sector is “culture”. From bank executives proclaiming employee (mis)conduct that is inconsistent with their company’s culture, to regulators seeking to operationalise culture into a legislative standard and, most recently, David Murray, who led the Financial System Inquiry, invoking […]

The Lord’s Prayer is subversive…

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Paul wrote:

Book review – Man Enough: How Jesus Redefines Manhood

by Nils von Kalm http://nilsvonkalm.com

Commonwealth Bank Insurance Scandal

Two articles suggesting why bank financial advisors are best avoided if you want honest advice… http://www.theage.com.au/business/banking-and-finance/comminsure-life-insurance-has-lost-its-noble-purpose-20160315-gnjr6d.html http://www.smh.com.au/money/motley-fool-dont-buy-what-your-planner-is-selling-20160314-gnixms.html

Bullying in our schools: what can be done?

Why Safe Schools program must be kept March 12, 2016 Farrah Tomazin The Sunday Age’s state political editor. Coming out in high school can be agonising at the best of times. The first step for me involved confronting the fear of being cast out by my mates or bullied by my peers, which is often […]

Refugees: busting some of the myths

Busting some myths about asylum seekers and refugees March 12, 2016 Tom Ballard The Melbourne University qualitative research laid bare the negative views on asylum seekers held by many Australians. At this year’s Melbourne Comedy Festival, I’ll be performing Boundless Plains To Share

Sexual Slavery the IS way…

Islamic State uses birth control to maintain supply of sex slaves Date: March 13 2016 Rukmini Callimachi Dohuk,

Political ‘Case Study’: when a gifted leader is hamstrung by ideological pygmies

Note from Rowland: this is an unusually perceptive article (by someone with a Christian – Salvation Army – upbringing) Malcolm Turnbull is losing his chance to be a great Prime Minister February 23, 2016 Ross Gittins The Sydney Morning Herald’s Economics Editor Expectations were high, but now the Prime Minister is resorting to the same […]