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‘Let no one who is not eager for truth and peace enter here’ (Plato)

Articles on this site express varying points of view, to encourage mature thinking on serious issues. The assumption is that you will want to study a controversial topic from various angles before you arrive at a conclusion, rather than simply believe what someone told you when you were impressionable! (So some stuff here is ‘hot’. Proceed at your own risk!). See the Statement of Faith for John Mark Ministries' theological stance.

Pentecost: the Holy Spirit’s Gift of Energy

THE HOLY SPIRIT’S GIFT OF ENERGY! Pentecost Sunday is sometimes called ‘the birthday of the Church’. Pentecost is a Greek word meaning ’50′, so we celebrate Pentecost 50 days after the resurrection of Jesus. Forty days he taught and encouraged his followers, then after his Ascension they waited another ten days for his gift of […]

The Lord’s Prayer is subversive…

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Review/summary: Changing our Mind, David P. Gushee, 2nd ed., 2015

Throughout history the three major branches of the Christian Church – Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant – have disagreed on many things, but they have shared a rare point of unity in their antipathy towards the ‘Christ-killing’ Jews. For two millennia this anti-Judaism/anti-Semitism was fuelled mainly by three New Testament passages: Matthew 27:25 (‘his […]

Richard Rohr: Creation as the Body of God

Fr. Richard Rohr Become a fanFounding Director, Center for Action and Contemplation Creation as the Body of God “Creation is the primary and most perfect revelation of the Divine.” — Thomas Aquinas “God remains in immediate sustaining attentiveness to everything that exists, precisely in its ‘thisness.’” — John Duns Scotus The Incarnation of God did […]

Billy Graham by Martin Marty

  By MARTIN E. MARTY APR. 13, 2015 Billy Graham and the Shaping of a Nation is the subtitle of the book, America’s Pastor, an acclaimed sort-of-biography by acclaim-worthy Duke University historian Grant Wacker. Last weekend Wacker discussed his book at the Cushwa Center of the University of Notre Dame with a crowded, hall-full of […]

Tony Campolo (conservative) and Steve Chalke (progressive) on Same-Sex Marriage

Steve Chalke Drops the Bomb in Support of Committed, Faithful, Same-Sex Relationships 03/22/2013  If you haven’t already picked up the news via the internet, let me tell you that Steve Chalke, one of the most prominent preachers in the United Kingdom, and an icon among Evangelicals, has published a definitive statement in support of committed, […]

The Easter Anguish of Jesse Adams

Review: The Songs of Jesse Adams, Peter McKinnon, Acorn 2014. We are so fortunate that God has come to Earth in the form of Jesus. If we want to know what God is like, we need only look at Jesus. How did Jesus treat people? He went to the outcast and the poor. Most importantly […]

Tom Wright: Surprised by Scripture

  The essence of N T Wright’s Surprised by Scripture: Engaging Contemporary Issues (Harper One 2014). Bishop Tom Wright (yes, ‘call me Tom’) currently occupies a teaching post at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, and is regarded by many as the most important Christian apologist since C S Lewis. Certainly he is the most […]

Marcus Borg, leading liberal theologian and historical Jesus expert, dies at 72

David Gibson  | January 22, 2015                       Marcus J. Borg, a prominent liberal theologian and Bible scholar who for a generation helped popularize the intense debates about the historical Jesus and the veracity and meaning of the New Testament, died on Wednesday (Jan. 21). He was 72 […]

C S Lewis: 50 years after his death

C S Lewis (1898-1963): two perspectives  Today’s C S Lewis Reading (from HarperCollins’ A Year With C.S. Lewis: Daily Readings from His Classic Works. Copyright © 2003): Screwtape offers a helpful image: Think of your man as a series of concentric circles, his will being the innermost, his intellect coming next, and finally his fantasy. […]