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‘Let no one who is not eager for truth and peace enter here’ (Plato)

Articles on this site express varying points of view, to encourage mature thinking on serious issues. The assumption is that you will want to study a controversial topic from various angles before you arrive at a conclusion, rather than simply believe what someone told you when you were impressionable! (So some stuff here is ‘hot’. Proceed at your own risk!). See the Statement of Faith for John Mark Ministries' theological stance.


Dear friends of John Mark Ministries For many years our ministry collected and bought/sold books, booklets and memorabilia by/associated with F W Boreham – Australia’s and NZ’s most collectible religious author. I am no longer officially doing this, though I do have some odds and ends by Boreham which have been donated to JMM recently […]


Why not buy a kit of Boreham memorabilia, including photocopies of Boreham’s handwritten sermon notes, letters etc. and Rev. Howard Crago’s tribute to F.W.Boreham? (The latter comprises a talk given to the Victorian Baptist Historical Society in 1986 by Boreham’s biographer. For those of you interested in Boreham trivia, I was Howard Crago’s pastor at […]

F.W.Boreham Audio-tapes

Would you like to hear Boreham preach? We have audio tapes where the great man gives five short talks on missions, some radio talks, and on side B his farewell from an outstanding ministry at Scots Church Melbourne. Another has a sermon Boreham preached aged 81 at Scots Church, Melbourne, titled ‘God in Three Persons’. […]

Interesting Titles

Howard Crago, Boreham’s biographer, wrote six-to-eight books himself. Anyone interested in his ‘Real Discipleship’ or ‘Spare a Minute’ (weekly columns in Melbourne’s Age newspaper)? Also, more Boreham-related material: ‘Bible Pinnacles’ by Ivor Powell (1952), with a foreward by Boreham, (each of these $12) and J.T.Hackett’s ‘My Commonplace Book’ (1921) – articles, poems etc. by great […]

Armadale Baptist Church

I preached from Boreham’s former pulpit a few years ago – Armadale Baptist Church, Melbourne. There were about 40 people in the congregation. This church has a fairly good Boreham collection in a cabinet in their library. One lady commented: ‘Why did almost all of the congregation leave here when Boreham left?’ Good question! Rowland […]

Boreham Writing

F.W. Boreham was a preacher who was a household name during his lifetime but is now largely forgotten. From an essay by James Townsend: “The name of Boreham only rhymes with the word boredom. At that point the similarity ceases. The popular preacher Warren Wiersbe said: “It amazes me that my favorite biographical handbook, Who […]

Boreham Links

Examples of Boreham writing First, chase Boreham in the Keyword Index of the John Mark Ministries website and you’ll find at least a dozen pieces by/about Boreham. For example: An Introduction to Boreham’s Writings http://jmm.org.au/articles/4626.htm George Whitfield’s Text http://jmm.org.au/articles/2581.htm Lincoln and Moses http://jmm.org.au/articles/4651.htm The Quest http://jmm.org.au/articles/4600.htm External Links: The Quest http://www.gospelcom.net/rzim/publications/jttran.php?jtcode=JT97WFWB Abraham Lincoln http://www.gospelcom.net/rzim/publications/jttran.php?jtcode=JT93WFWB Charles […]

An Australian View Of Australia

F. W. Boreham, 1886-1959 – speaking in North America in the 1930’s. “I come from Australia, and to us Australians, you Americans seem strange people. Not that you are strange; but you look queer to us. For Australia, as you know, is a topsy-turvy kind of place. It is a place where we walk with […]

Boreham Purchasing/Trading

Hi Boreham-lovers STOP PRESS: October 2014: I am no longer trading in Borehams, but I do have some duplicate volumes of his books (no booklets at present) – [email protected] ~~ This is what this page used to look like: I’ll add a free photocopy (your choice) of any of the ‘Sunday at Home’ articles for […]

Articles by Boreham in ‘Sunday at Home’

  Where photocopies available (unless marked otherwise) – 1 free with every $50 order. Complete set of available copies: $40. UPDATE: we have acquired photocopies of some hard-to-get Boreham articles Colour key: Hard-to-get Very Rare Title [from Sunday At Home] # Copies Price ($US) Notes Agnes  – – Photocopies available The Art of Worrying – […]