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‘Let no one who is not eager for truth and peace enter here’ (Plato)

Articles on this site express varying points of view, to encourage mature thinking on serious issues. The assumption is that you will want to study a controversial topic from various angles before you arrive at a conclusion, rather than simply believe what someone told you when you were impressionable! (So some stuff here is ‘hot’. Proceed at your own risk!). See the Statement of Faith for John Mark Ministries' theological stance.

Album review – The Inbreaking, Eden Parris 

by Nils von Kalm http://nilsvonkalm.com The Inbreaking is Eden Parris’ third album, and his music still impacts me the same way it did when I first heard it about five years ago. Having known Eden for quite a few years now, I have seen how his music and lyrics arise out of a genuine, searching […]

Missy Higgins – honest, raw and genuine

              I have had the privilege over the years to see some great musicians live. And as someone who is not musical in the sense of playing or singing, I have found that the great artists all have their own unique sound: U2 and Midnight Oil come to mind […]


Apparently there’s a new album out by Nils von Kalm http://nilsvonkalm.com  Apparently there’s a new album out   by Nils von Kalm http://nilsvonkalm.com   Last Wednesday was a good day for me. In fact it was a Beautiful Day. You might even say it was Magnificent. Do you see where I’m going with this? Yes, The […]